Xinyuan Full Rotary Wood Clamps Excavator Grabble Vertical Five Claws Excavator Attachments

Xinyuan brand excavator attachment/working tool wood clamps, for forestry and logging industry. Our hotsale wood clamps.

Product Description

Xinyuan Full Rotary Wood Clamps Vertical Five Claws Excavator Attachments are essential working device/tool used in the forestry and logging industry to safely and efficiently move logs and other heavy wooden materials. They are designed to be attached to the arm of an excavator or other heavy equipment, and can be used to grab, lift, and move logs with precision and control.

Xinyuan Full Rotary Wood Clamps Vertical Five Claws Parameter
Suitable for Excavator Model 7 ton Excavator 9 ton Excavator
Model 75 Vertical Five Claws Long 75 Vertical Five Claws Short 9t Vertical Five Claws
Install Height(mm) 1150 1125 1300
Clamp Width(mm) 490 490 672
Max Clamp length(mm) 1400 1400 1420
Max Clamping Diameter(mm)  430 330 515
Min Clamping Diameter(mm)  60 60 125



What are your main products?

Wheel excavators. We specialize in designing and manufacturing wheel excavators for more than 30 years.

Are you a manufactuer or trading company?

We are a manufactuer.

What kind terms of payment can be accepted?

For terms of payment, We accept T/T.

What certificates are available in Machinery?

We currently have CE, ISO9001, ISO14001, EAC certificates and more than 200 patents and certificates.

What about the delivery time?

Normally 7-15 days after receiving the deposit. In case of force majeure, time will be extended.

What about the Minimum Order Quantity?

MOQ is 1 pcs.

What is your port for export shipping?

Xiamen port

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