Fujian Xinyuan Heavy Industries Co., Ltd.

Founded in 1990, Fujian Xinyuan Heavy Industries Co, Ltd. has developed and manufactured the first 5-ton 360° full-rotation wheel hydraulic excavator in China. Now, it has become a modern enterprise specialized in the researching and manufacturing of small and medium-sized excavators.


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XYC80WYT New Digging Machine 7 Ton Wheel Excavator with Hydraulic Thumb for Sale

XYC80WYT New Digging Machine 7 Ton Wheel Excavator with Hydraulic Thumb for Sale

Xinyuan hydraulic wheeled type excavator with hydraulic thumb. Operating Weight: 7ton. Engine Model: YUCHAI F3065-T300. Rated Power: 48kw/2200rpm.

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XYB65ECO Mini Wheel Excavator Price for Sale

XYB65ECO Mini Wheel Excavator Price for Sale

Xinyuan Newest model. Hotsale bucket wheel excavator. Operating Weight: 6ton. Engine Model: Xinchai4D35X31. Rated Power: 48kw/2200rpm. Bucket: 0.2m³

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Navigating the Mini Excavator Market:Tips for Evaluating Sale Prices

04 Mar,2024

As the demand for mini excavators continues to rise, navigating the competitive market and evaluating sale prices effectively is essential for buyers seeking to make informed purchasing decisions. In this article, we provide valuable tips for buyers looking to assess and compare mini excavator sale prices, ensuring they secure the best value for their investment.

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Trends and Insights into Mini Excavator Pricing Dynamics

27 Feb,2024

In the realm of construction equipment, mini excavators have emerged as indispensable tools for a wide range of projects, from landscaping to urban development. Among the array of offerings in the market, the pricing of Hyundai mini excavators has been a focal point of interest for industry observers and stakeholders alike.

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New Compaction Wheel Excavator Attachment Boosts Construction Efficiency

23 Feb,2024

A new compaction wheel excavator attachment is being hailed as a game-changer for the construction industry, with its ability to boost efficiency and reduce project timelines. The innovative attachment is designed to be used with excavators of various sizes and is ideal for soil compaction tasks in road construction, pipeline installation, and building foundations.

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