How to Maintain Your Wheel Excavators Properly?


Fujian Xinyuan Heavy Industries Co., LTD

Excavators have to endure harsh weather conditions and often work in mud, sunshine, snow and rain. Regular maintenance is necessary to keep your excavator working properly. You will also get better fuel efficiency, higher productivity, lower operating costs and lower equipment failure rate. Learn more about how to maintain the excavator to keep your equipment in the best condition.

Signs that Your Excavator Needs Repair
The wear caused by frequent use of excavators will eventually lead to the damage of parts. If you notice these problems with your excavator, you may need to repair it.

  • Warning lamp indicator lights up. The warning light lets you know that a part of your device is not working properly.
  • Low oil level. Low hydraulic oil or oil level may indicate filter leakage or other problems.
  • Abnormal noise. When the component makes an unusual sound, it is often a signal that there is a problem. Such as hissing, screaming, or grinding often indicate the need for corrective action.
  • A component or system has failed. The failure of a component can cause a chain reaction on your excavator, causing a function or system to stop working.


How to Maintain an Excavator

These maintenance tips will help you maximize the use of your excavator.

  • Clean the underbody. Use a shovel or high-pressure washer to remove dust and debris from the chassis. Sundries can cause premature wear of components.
  • Check the track tension. The track tension should allow a little relaxation. Excessive tension will bring pressure and wear to the chain and sprocket.
  • Follow correct digging skills. The operation and maintenance manual of the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) has tips on minimizing track wear. Follow these guidelines to help your parts continue to use.


Excavator Maintenance Checklist
You should check some parts of your excavator regularly to ensure that everything is in normal operation. Maintain your equipment according to our excavator maintenance schedule.

  • Daily. Check the oil level of the coolant, engine oil and hydraulic system, and drain the water separator of the fuel system.
  • Monthly. Change the engine oil and filter, and the oil level of the final drive and swing drive.
  • Every three months. Fill the fuel system and clean the tank cap and filter screen.
  • Every 6 months. Tighten the battery retaining device and replace the housing drain, guide and return device in the hydraulic system oil filter.
  • As needed. Lubricate the adjustable instrument chassis frame, check and replace the battery, and reset the circuit breaker.