Multipurpose Small Wheel Excavator, Excellent Prospects for Making Money


Fujian Xinyuan Heavy Industries Co., Ltd.

Wheeled excavators are widely used in municipal engineering, landscaping, agricultural water conservancy, construction, forestry and animal husbandry, etc. They have the characteristics of being mobile and flexible, not destroying the road surface, operating in medium and long distance transit, and can be equipped with multifunctional auxiliary tools, while being compatible with the basic functions of crawler excavators.

2016 is a watershed year for the wheel excavation industry. Before 2016, the wheel excavation market focused on the municipal field in the city and infrastructure in the suburbs, and the 210 and 150 type products of foreign brands occupied the main market share.

As China's urbanization process and new rural construction continue to accelerate, the development trend of equipment instead of manpower is rising, the continuous progress in the development of wheeled excavator technology, the strong involvement of excavator brand manufacturing enterprises to accelerate the development of the wheeled excavator industry in the direction of standardization and standardization. Continued investment in infrastructure construction has led to a substantial increase in market demand for wheeled excavators.

A number of domestic wheel excavator brands quietly debut, they have changed the entire domestic excavation machinery market pattern after several years of efforts, the convenience of small wheel excavation advantages and low maintenance costs, widely welcomed by users.

Small wheel excavation, in the city, do not have to use the trailer to pull the transfer, 20-30 km range themselves can run over the construction, convenient and fast, and no longer have to worry about crushing the ground and lose money.

Senior people in the industry have said that the era of wheeled excavator models has quietly come, the continuous refinement of the type of project so that more accurate pointing, finer workmanship, more convenient transfer of wheeled excavator models began to formally move to the historical stage.

One machine with multiple uses to broaden more construction scenarios

Many attachments, previously used on the crawler excavator is not much, now different, wheel excavation to many attachments used to the extreme, and even the perfection of the step.

Wheeled excavator multi-purpose advantages, so that the already mobile and flexible models more like a tiger, the excavation machinery to expand the horizontal field to a new height in history, whether it is road crushing or pipeline laying, can respond flexibly, housing demolition and construction, green belt rest is more handy, even wood, waste, cotton, sugar cane and other loading and unloading areas can also play its performance advantages, especially in the field of wood loading and unloading. Especially in the field of timber loading and unloading, it has broken the dilemma of low efficiency and high expenditure of mechanical equipment such as cranes and loaders, which is a change in the mechanization of the loading and unloading industry.

Road Maintenance and Construction

Dismantling of used and scrap cars

New Countryside Construction

Wood grabbing operation

City Construction

From 2016 onwards, small wheeled excavator models like an alien team, suddenly set off a small whirlwind, so that all walks of life all new, before never contacted excavation machinery industry sectors also began because of the various advantages of wheeled excavators, and the purchase of small wheeled excavation, wood handling industry, construction industry, biomass power plants, cotton planting base, feed plants and even brick factories, cement plants can see the busy figure of wheeled excavators, a machine multipurpose endowed with a special aura of wheeled excavators, like a tiger with wings like advantages more recognized by the market and users.

Wheeled excavators continue to be favored or rely on the countless and overwhelming domestic small and medium-sized projects, the advantages of flexibility and mobility to fully emerge, many of the fear of the existence of investment in excavation machinery has finally been released, the people's dream of investment income and get rich has finally been realized, it can be said that small wheeled excavators not only comply with the full demand of the market, but also successfully helped too many The dream catcher who started with nothing.

That said, this kind of wheeled excavator known as a hundred different hands, precision engineering field points to or in the fierce competition in the market fermentation, the future of the wheeled excavator market is full of new opportunities and challenges.