China Wheel Excavator Leader Xinyuan Heavy Industries is to Attend 2023 Global Mini-Excavator Exhibition


Fujian Xinyuan Heavy Industries Co., Ltd.

2023 Global Mini-Excavator and Small Scale Equipment Exhibition will be held on August 22-24 in Sichuan Chengdu ChuanTou International Hotel. This is the fifth time the construction machinery industry ushered in such a high-specification, large-scale Mini-excavator industry event! With the theme of "Gathering Momentum and Moving Forward from Hibiscus", the conference will collaborate with the core participants of Mini-excavator industry chain to focus on Mini-excavator field, discuss and realize win-win value together, and lead the momentum of the future.

Xinyuan Heavy Industries, a state-level specialized "Small Giant" enterprise and a leading seller in the domestic wheeled excavator market for 20 consecutive years, will bring the B70G4 fully hydraulic wheeled excavator, which is thunderous and daring. The C75G4 new generation of wheeled excavator, which is reliable, and the C115G4, which is a model of high performance and the star of forestry, to show its extraordinary strength and outstanding performance of wood clambing machinery. C150G4, a new-generation wheeled excavator with extraordinary strength and unlimited possibilities, and other six flagship models made their debut at the Global Mini-excavator exhibition 2023.

Fujian Xinyuan Heavy Industries Co., Ltd, founded in 1990, developed and manufactured the first 5-ton 360-degree full-swing wheel type hydraulic excavator in China, and has developed into a modern enterprise dedicated to the R&D and manufacturing of small and medium-sized excavators. Our products cover a full range of economical and high-end hydraulic wheel excavators from 5 to 15 tons. Looking back to 2022, Xinyuan Heavy Industries has been steady and far-reaching, with sales of more than 8,000 units and a domestic market share of 47.7%, which is the leading position in the wheeled excavator industry.

Performance Advantages of Xinyuan Heavy Industries Wheeled Excavator

Wheeled excavator is characterized by its efficient man-machine synergy, with a very high degree of flexibility and mobility, it can perform well in a variety of terrain and complex environments, such as in mountainous areas, high altitude, and even in the interior of the building and a variety of appliances switching, all have significant advantages.

Besides, wheeled excavators also have many advantages such as low maintenance costs, good durability, low running costs and good stability.

Exhibition Products

B70G4 fully hydraulic wheeled excavator

C75G4 national IV new generation wheeled excavator

High-energy model forestry star C115G4 wood grabble

Extraordinary strength, infinite possibilities C150G4 national four new generation wheeled excavator

Application fields

Wheeled excavators are widely used in landscaping, road construction, mining, water conservancy engineering, urban construction and other fields. In the field of construction engineering, wheeled excavators can be used for digging deep holes, building foundations, constructing roads, underground pipelines and culverts and other projects. In the field of mining, wheeled excavators can be used for ore body mining and underground mining, improving mining efficiency and saving labor and material resources.

Besides, water conservancy engineering, urban construction and lifting field are also the key application fields of wheeled excavators. It can be used for river dredging, water conservancy project construction, municipal road construction, forestry clamping and so on.

Company Profile: Fujian Xinyuan Heavy Industries Co., Ltd.

Development: Founded in 1990, formerly is a construction machinery repair shop, in 1998 we researched and developped wheel excavator, in 2000 manufactured China's first 5-ton 360-degree full-swing tire hydraulic excavator, now has developed into a modern enterprise dedicated to the research and development of small and medium-sized excavators manufacturing.

According to the statistics of China Construction Machinery Industry Associate, in 2022, Xinyuan Heavy Industries has a market share of 47.7% in the industry-wide wheeled excavators, ranked first.

Enterprise spirit: Technology creates perfect things, Distinction comes from quality

Enterprise philosophy: Innovation creates the future

Corporate Culture: Pragmatism, Concentration, Persistence, Awe, Gratitude.

Main business: Products cover 5 to 15 tons excavators, the products have formed a standardization, serialization, with good market comprehensive competitive advantage.

Intellectual Property Rights: Focusing on the development and innovation of construction machinery and equipment, we have obtained more than 200 national inventions, utility models, and appearances patents.

Honors: National Specialty and New "Small Giant" Enterprise, Fujian Manufacturing Single Champion (Product) Enterprise, Fujian High-tech Enterprise, Fujian Science and Technology Enterprise, Fujian Science and Technology Small Giant Leading Enterprise, Fujian Specialty, Specialty and New Enterprise, Fujian Advantageous Intellectual Property Enterprise, Fujian Leading Enterprise, Quanzhou Antelope Enterprises Cultivation Bank Enterprises, Quanzhou Leading Enterprises, etc. ......

Digital factory: laser cutting automatic production line, robot automatic welding system, CNC gantry machining center, orbital shot blasting treatment production line, robot automatic coating production line and other advanced equipments, realizing the highly automated production process of main engine structural parts cutting, assembling and welding, CNC machining, and surface treatment and coating.